Poster - Eight Sectioned Satin Chi Kung

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Poster - Eight Sectioned Satin Chi Kung

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Taoist 8-Sectioned Satin Chi-Kung Poster FORM: Die acht Sektionen des Satin Chi Kung

auf diesem Poster sind die acht Formen des Satin Chi Kung dargestellt

The Eight-Sectioned Satin Chi-Kung is an ancient Chinese Chi-Kung Set. It can improve one's health & Longevity! Demonstrated by Famous Master Siu Yuk-Man

It is said, that the eight-sectioned satin chi-kung, or pa duen kam as cvalled by the chinese, was founded by general Yue Fei of the Sung Dynasty (1103-1142). Meanwhile, other people believe that this is merely a herasys which is based on no root!.

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